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15 chris schommer-pries - two-dimensional extended topological field theories 16 christoph wockel - higher gauge theory in infinite-dimensional lie theory 2 workshop (provisional. Prof peter scholze erhält fields-medaille 2018 1-51018: conference on arithmetic algebraic geometry - on the occasion of michael rapoport's 70th birthday. Abstract we show that general relativity can be viewed as a higher gauge theory involving a categorical group, or 2-group, called the teleparallel 2-group.

Productive conversations with chris schommer-pries, whose knowledge about 2-categories proved useful for the work presented in this thesis peter may’s remarks were helpful when. Thesis (∞,n)-cat as a closed model category in his joint work with chris schommer-pries, barwick and schommer-pries proved a unicity theorem for the homotopy theory of (∞,n)-categories barwick has also made contributions to algebraic k-theory. Clark barwick news mit course announcement spring 2017 on the unicity of the homotopy theory of higher categories (with chris schommer-pries) current and former thesis advisees saul glasman phd 2015 denis nardin (year 4) jay shah (year 4) papers saul glasman a note on commutative algebras and their modules in quasicategories. Maldacena and susskind have proposed a correspondence between wormholes and entanglement, dubbed er=epr we study this in the context of three-dimensional topological quantum field theory (tqft), where we show that the formation of a wormhole is the same process as creating a particle–antiparticle pair.

This is my minor thesis 3, anton geraschenko, chris schommer-pries, and chao li 1 unam is the national autonomous university of mexico 2 for some reason a direct search doesn’t turn up all of them 3 — omar antolín camarena. In this thesis we develop mathematical models to understand the process of ecological invasion when the invading species also carries a disease that is harmful to the native species. Nlab (infinity,n)-category skip the navigation links due to (barwick, schommer-pries) the blueprint for the following construction is the traditional fact that a category is characterized by the fact that its nerve is a simplicial set which satisfies the segal conditions, thesis clark barwick, (∞,.

Homotopical and higher algebra please note that this page is old c schommer-pries, the classification of two-dimensional extended topological field theories, phd thesis available here on bi- and higher categories j benabou, introduction to bicategories, in reports of the midwest category seminar, lecture notes in mathematics 47, 1-77. This was a talk at the freedman 60 workshop. -, algebraic structures for bundle gerbes and the wess-zumino term in conformal field theory, phd thesis, universität hamburg, 2007 41 konrad waldorf , more morphisms between bundle gerbes , theory appl categ. This thesis is concerned with the mathematical formulations of higher gauge theory firstly, we develop a complete description of principal 2-bundles with string 2-group model of schommer-pries, which is obtained by. This thesis contains various results on unitary 2-representations of finite groups and their 2-characters, as well as on pivotal structures for fusion categories.

Mathematical foundations of quantum field and perturbative string theory proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics c schommer-pries, n snyder, the structure of fusion categories via 3d tqfts msc thesis, utrecht university, the netherlands (2011) (le06) g lechner, construction of quantum field theories with factorizing s. I think it's worth mentioning the examples of weak $\infty$-groupoids constructed from type theory due to van den berg and garner and lumsdainethese examples are constructed out of syntax and so are very concrete in a certain sense (cf tom leinster's answer. Schommer-pries cj (2014) the classification of two-dimensional extended topological field theories arxiv:11121000 phd thesis (freie universit, berlin. The classi cation of topological quantum field theories in two dimensions a thesis presented by geo rey lee advised by jacob lurie submitted in partial ful llment of the requirements for an honors degree. 1 abstract non-simplicial nerves for two-dimensional categorical structures by nathaniel gri th watson doctor of philosophy in mathematics university of california, berkeley.

For additional information see christopher schommer-pries’s personal page research interests i am interested in the intersection of three mathematical subjects: topology, higher category theory, and quantum field theory. Publications dualizable tensor categories, joint with christopher douglas and noah snyder accepted for publication, memoirs of the ams arxiv:13127188 tori detect invertibility of topological field theories accepted for publication, geometry & topology arxiv:151101772. Alan cameron wilder in this thesis we assemble machinery to create a map from the eld theories of stolz and teichner (see [st]), which we call smooth eld theories, to the eld theories of lurie (see jos e alameida, kevin lin, tommy murphy, chris schommer-pries, and arturo prat-waldron, just to name a few they helped create a stimulating.

  • Doctoral degrees conferred 2008–2009 alabama auburn university (10) department of mathematics and contains the name of the recipient and the thesis title the number schommer-pries, christopher,theclas-sification of two-dimensional extended topological field theories.
  • Here’s a nice ‘generators and relations’ description of the symmetric monoidal bicategory of 2d oriented cobordisms, from chris schommer-pries’ thesis.

Made this thesis possible first, i thank bjorn poonen he has profoundly in chris schommer-pries, david smyth, and david zywina i thank my fellow in this thesis represent the rst progress on the arithmetic of del pezzo surfaces of degree 1 since [man74] notation the following notation will remain in force throughout this thesis. To natalie schommer-pries, for her loving support and constant encouragement without her, this would not have been possible. Search for classes, view professors, and rate them all in a complete website for setting your notre dame class schedule.

schommer-pries thesis Arxived: modular categories as representations of the 3-dimensional bordism 2-category (with b bartlett, c schommer-pries, and j vicary) view abstract or pdf extended 3-dimensional bordism as the theory of modular objects.
Schommer-pries thesis
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